I'm in an emergency? Who should I contact?
Beyond the Silence is not an emergency service. If you are in immediate crisis, feel like hurting yourself or someone else, or have an immediate need to talk to someone, please call the Crisis Line at 1-800-643-5432.
What is Beyond the Silence?
Beyond the Silence is a movement that seeks to help survivors of sexual abuse find healing and hope through Jesus Christ.  We offer online resources and opportunities for people to pursue counseling. 
We help those effected by sexual abuse by sharing stories of hope and redemption, and by connecting survivors with compassionate listeners and counselors.
We offer resources that equip anyone who wants help, or wants to help survivors of abuse.
When did Beyond the Silence begin?

 In November 2011, members of the State College community gathered in the wake of the scandal that rocked our community, and began forming a Christian response to the issue of child sexual abuse. We determined that our contribution would involve the telling of stories, stories that point to healing and hope through Jesus Christ. From there, Beyond the Silence began taking shape into what we hope becomes a movement that helps people well beyond our community. 

How can I get involved?
  • Tell your story. Submit your story on our website, under Share.
  • Become a Listener. Contact info@beyondthesilence.net if you would like to learn more.
  • Spread the word. Please share Beyond the Silence on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media and with friends.
  • ​Donate. Beyond the Silence is a non-profit, 501c3 charitable organization that depends on donations to help survivors of sexual abuse.  You can donate here, with a credit card. 
Why the Name?

“Beyond the Silence” is about hope. It’s about movement: moving from darkness into light, from silence to story-telling, from isolation to community. We’re not here to focus merely on what happened in the past, but to help people move beyond it. There is life after the shame, pain, and hurt. A person is defined by more than the evil that has been done to them. We want to give hope to the hurting, help people tell their stories, and shed light on an often overlooked evil in our society.